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Can you deliver and pick up from my hotel?

Yes we can at an additional price of 10€ each way.

On arrival at your hotel you will find your rental In the scooter parking of your hotel with your name on it and the key will be at the reception desk.

Where can I charge the battery of my scooter or powerchair?

You can charge your scooter or powerchairs at our shop.  You will be provided the charger so you can also charge at your hotel in the scooter parking .

You must charge up every

  • lunch time
  • dinner time
  • all night long (8 hours)

Do you take a deposit?

We take 200€ deposits on brand new material.

How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts 25 km on a full charge.

How many stone or kilos can the scooter or powechair hold?

They can hold up to 150kg and we have larger scooters if needed.

Can I use it in the rain?

Yes you can use it in the rain but please try cover it with a rain coat or poncho and please do not leave out all night in rain.

What is the scooter power chair speed?

The maximum speed is 6km, someone can walk beside you easily at a slow pace.

Must I stay on the pavement?

There are no pavements in Lourdes but once you are in the sanctuaries it is all open ground. You must stay at the side of the road on the side of the circulation.

Can I go into the sanctuaries with my scooter?

Yes you can.

Can I go into the baths with my scooter or powerchair?

Yes you can you even have priority.

Can I go up the HIGH stations of the cross?

No because of bad terrain, but you have a low stations of the cross option which is flat.

What are your opening hours?

We are open 7 days 0800-1900.

What are your half a day hours?

Morning is 0800-1200 and afternoon is 1400-1800.

What do I do with my scooter if I have an early departure?

If you have paid for pick up then we ask you to charge the scooter and leave the key at reception. If not please return scooter to our shop for 1900.

What do I do if I break down?

If you break down 90% is because of a flat battery we charge 50€ call out fee if you break down due to not charging your battery or checking correctly if the scooter is charging properly. REMINDER TO CHARGE YOUR SCOOTER AT EACH MEAL AND ALL NIGHT LONG, ALWAYS CHECK IT IS PLUGGED IN PROPERLY.

If not please call us and we will change your scooter for you. Our phone number is everywhere on the chair and key.

How can I pay settle my bill?

Directly on line or at our shop BY CARD OR CASH OR FRENCH CHEQUES ONLY.

Where is your shop?

Our shop is situated at the hotel Vinuales St Rose,and beside the café,NEW ORLEANS,17 RUE ST MARIE LOURDES 65100 FRANCE. 100 meters from the ST JOSEPH SANCTUARY GATE.

Why choose us?

  • Optional delivery and collection service - we can deliver and collect from your hotel
  • Ready to go - all electric products are supplied fully charged
  • Service and support - all our Mobility Scooters come with 24/7 service and support

I am liking the new website. Thanks for everything during the May pilgrimage to the order of Malta. I just want to make sure that I have my reservations and first scooter on the morning of 27 July the morning of August 10. We will be staying at the Mediterraneanee as we did in May.